Q&A with the Female Force Behind “Taste of Health”

Nutritionist, Jessica Biber shares her “No. Sad. Salads” philosophy and dives into her healthy habits

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Jessica Biber, founder of Taste of Health, makes meal planning sustainable, enjoyable, and a natural part of busy lives for young professionals. Jessica believes happiness stems from eating good — and eating good, doesn’t mean only bland, diet food — it’s about whole foods, and making healthy versions of the things you love.

What inspired you to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

When I saw what a difference the right foods could make for people — in their energy, their moods, their cravings, and even in chronic conditions that they thought were just part of life, that inspired me to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. When I learned how nutrition could help balance and heal a body from the inside out, it was game changing. I knew from then on that I couldn’t NOT share it with others.

I often say that food is a small thing, but it impacts the big things. When people get the food part right, they’re able to get out of bed in the morning feeling their best for their relationships, careers and important work in the world. I love inspiring that renewed sense of energy, confidence, and happiness!

What do you love most about what you do?

Ah! So many things. My favorite part is seeing things really click for people. The way their eyes light up when they realize that healthy eating can be easier than they thought possible. The moment they see that there’s a healthier way to make all the foods they love. The relief and freedom they feel when they let go of fad diets once and for all. The excitement they experience when they discover so much newfound energy and fullness, and get rid of symptoms they’ve been bothered by for years.

The most amazing thing about working with clients is really getting to picture who they are at their healthiest, from the very first time you talk to them. I love watching all the pieces come together — seeing them turn into that person before your very eyes, and recognizing when they start seeing themselves in that light. I love seeing how much bigger and fuller and happier their lives become when they feel their best.

What is your wellness philosophy? 

My wellness philosophy is that healthy eating really can become an easy, natural and enjoyable part of our lives. That true nourishment exists in the space between all the extremes and fad diets; that it’s really about whole foods and a way of eating that’s sustainable for a lifetime. That our bodies are talking to us all the time, and symptoms like energy crashes, brain fog, and indigestion, are really just opportunities to bring our bodies into balance. That food is always in the background of our lives, so it’s worth investing in getting that part right because it impacts the others.

On your blog, you talk about “no. sad. salads.” — tell us more about that philosophy.

When many people picture health food, they picture boring salads with flavorless romaine, boiled chicken, and broccoli — things that people don’t really want to eat. But that’s completely opposite of what I’ve found to be possible with salads, and nutrition in general. I love to incorporate a variety of flavors, textures and colors into salads and all healthy meals. Salads, when done right, should fill you up, look beautiful, and make you excited to eat. So that’s where I adopted this philosophy on my blog of “no. sad. salads.” — meaning let’s create salads and healthy food that is delicious, flavorful, and something to forward to eating. It’s something I’ve seen Evergreens incorporate into all their salads, from their ingredients to their playful names. And I believe it’s the best way to create healthy habits that stick for life.

With the fall season here, what are your favorite fall harvest eats and why?

Right now, I’ve been all about apples and pumpkins, all the time! There’s just something about enjoying seasonal recipes that makes it feel like you’re really savoring each season. I’ve been making healthy versions of apple crumbles, apple cinnamon muffins and pumpkin spice pancakes. And I’m really loving Evergreens’ Apple Bottom Greens salad — it’s the perfect bite of fall in a bowl!

What is your favorite Evergreens salad and why?

I am a big fan of the Evergreens Cobb Your Enthusiasm salad. I love it because it’s full of healthy fats like avocado, plus protein from hardboiled egg, bacon and chicken. It’s the ultimate power salad that keeps me full and energized all afternoon.