Loyalty Program

Ready to enjoy a FREE salad? We’ve revamped our loyalty program to make it easier for you to order, track, and receive rewards. Join now!

How do I join the new loyalty program?

Update your app on March 29th and log in with the same email you use in our current app. We’ve transferred your account data so you can pick up where you left off. You can always change your information once you log in.

If you’re new to Evergreens loyalty program, there are three ways to join:

  • Download the app and sign up. Keep track of your rewards and order ahead, wherever you are.
  • Place an order online. Our system will remember you and track your rewards progress automatically.

What are the new benefits I’ll receive when I join the new loyalty program?

  • Earn progress with every purchase towards a free salad, wrap, or grain bowl
  • Easily track your progress and find your rewards
  • Automatically earn rewards when you purchase a meal in-store: no more scanning your phone to get points, just pay with your linked card
  • Get seasonal and featured promotions automatically loaded into your rewards

What will happen to my current rewards and tier status?

As of March 30th, any unused rewards or credits will be converted into Free Salad rewards in the new loyalty program for you to use. They will be automatically loaded on the new app.

Our loyalty program will no longer have tiers. Instead, you will get rewards based on how much you spend and will earn progress towards a Free Salad with every visit. Easily track your progress on the app or your online account so you always know how close you are to your next reward. Every time you eat Evergreens you get closer to a free salad, wrap, or grain bowl!

What will happen to my in-app gift card balance?

If you’ve received a gift card or bought pre-paid credit, you will receive an email to the address associated with your account with your gift card information. You will be able to use your new gift card on our website, in the app (at the payment confirmation screen), or in-store! If you miss the email, contact us here to retrieve your gift card information.

How do I earn loyalty progress with the new program?

It’s easy! You will earn progress when you order through our app, website, or in-store.

Digital Orders:

All orders you place in the app earn you loyalty progress automatically. The same is true if you order on our website as long as you’re logged-in to your account.

In-Store Orders:

You won’t need to take out your phone to earn rewards in-store. Register your card in the app and all Evergreens purchases will automatically earn you rewards. You can register as many cards as you like, including gift cards. If you don’t want to register your card, you can earn rewards by uploading a photo of your receipt into the app.

Will I still be able to pay with my phone at Evergreens?

Yes! You won’t need to use the QR code scanners, but you can tap to pay. As long as the card in your Apple Pay or Google Pay account is registered in the app, you’ll automatically earn rewards progress.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, we don’t store guest credit card information in our system. Our loyalty and ordering platform runs atop credit card companies’ networks, which send us notifications when a linked card transacts. This process is called “tokenization,” and it is the same technology used by Apple Pay.

Further questions?

Email feedback@evergreens.com